Contemplate | Create | Construct

The Create stage of our design-build remodeling process is where your visions start to take shape.




The design agreement is prepared to ensure that we all understand the scope of the work to be performed, as well as the estimated budget for the project. Upon execution of our design agreement, we will commence working on a survey of the existing site.

In this step, we introduce you to our designer who will interview you to develop a more thorough understanding of your design style. We will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property, taking precise measurements, surveying for any potential obstacles, and taking pictures as we go to record existing conditions.

Your project really starts to take shape in this step. This is where we take all the data we have gathered and develop schematic drawings of your new spaces. You will have the opportunity to review and revise the layout, making adjustments as necessary to suit your needs and budget.


Based on the schematic design, we will create the relevant construction documents which illustrate the floorplan, finishes, fixtures and other details of your project. At this point in the process our design team will assist you in finalizing your product selections.

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