Contemplate | Create | Construct

This is the most exciting stage, when all the plans come together and we begin to make your remodeling dreams come true.




After finalizing the design, we will present you with our construction package for the project which includes the construction agreement, final layout, and detailed specifications. Once the construction package is approved, we will prepare to commence work.



Before construction commences, we will conduct a pre-construction meeting. At this appointment, we will introduce you to our production team, review preparations that will need to be made prior to starting construction, and discuss expectations for managing the work site.



During construction, we make every effort to maintain our schedule and communicate with you weekly about the status of your project. You can expect us to clean our work areas at the end of each day ensuring that dust and debris around your home are kept to a minimum.



Congratulations! The work is complete and you are living in your beautiful, new living space, comforted by the knowledge that Custom Craft Contractors offers a two year warranty on our work. Should any issues arise within the first two years following the project’s completion, contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the issue promptly.