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At Custom Craft Contractors, we have been remodeling and building custom home environments for over 30 years. Our extensive construction experience is a result of our drive to develop and improve current processes by learning from each project and applying new techniques to future projects. Central to our success and continual growth are two foundational values on which each project is built: quality craftsmanship and a trusting partnership with our customers.

As a homeowner, you can expect clear, concise communication from us at every step of the design-build process. To assist you in better understanding this process, we have prepared the following step-by-step guideline.



During this 20-minute phone conversation, we will discuss your needs. We will ask a series of questions to determine your remodeling goals and timeline. At the end of this chat, if it seems like we are a good fit for each other, we will schedule an in-home visit to gather more details.


At the in-home visit, a member of our team will meet with you to discuss your objectives in greater detail. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of the challenges you may be experiencing with your existing space. We will walk with you around the home, review your timeline, discuss your budget, and answer any questions you may have.


Following the in-home consultation, if you choose to proceed, we will develop a written design proposal which defines the scope of the project, a preliminary budget range, as well as the services which will be provided in the design phase.

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